AC – DC Arc welding machines

Hugong Deltapower 400E DC

Industrial DC Welder Thyristor rectifier Stable current that provides a soft arc and less spatter Less electrode sticking and good welding seam With remote control function for convenient current adjustment Electric shock prevention Suitable for carbon arc gauging Ideal for application in heavy industries such as ship building, construction, mining, etc. Standard Accessories 6 m [...]

Robinair Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Description International Model for R-134a, R12 Recovery, Recycling, Evacuation, and Recharging. Combines Simple Operation with Superior Accuracy. Features Automatic recovery/recharge by weight Automatic vacuum by time Automatic Air Purge - Eliminates damaging air without any monitoring of gauges or opening of valves. Oil Drain - The display reminds you to drain the system oil captured [...]

Ariazone 5001 AC Service Station

Description Ariazone 5001 full A/C service system gives you value for your money. This specific model 5001 incorporates all of Ariazone`s quality and reliability and a very low cost. Easy to use (only four buttons to control) and full electronic function control gives you less down time and more money in your pocket. Features Recovery [...]

Mig welding Machine

BX1-500F-3 – AC Arc Welding Machine

Description: Stable electric arc can be ensured from low to high current Sliding core transformer structure, infinite current regulation, and wide application scope. Disc structure winding, H-class insulation, high heat emission, high efficiency as well as long working life. With special synthetic graphite as bearer between sliding core and guiding rail, featuring low operation noise, [...]

Uniarc 500/400 Stick Welding Machine

Description Model Name/Number Uniarc 500/400 Brand Sparkon Weight 182 kg Input Power 400 V Rated Input Capacity AC 37.2/DC35.7 kVA Rated Open Circuit Voltage AC72/DC62 V Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

INVERMIG 350/500/630

Description IGBT inverter three phase separate wire feeder MIG/STICK welder Power indicator Thermal protection Digital display Stepless heat and wire speed setting Four roller Manual wire feeding Burn back Gas check Crater A/V adjustment Available for 15kgs or 20kgs wire spool Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

Tig welding Machine


Description Portable Inverter DC HF TIG / MMA Welder with Pulse New Generation IGBT Inverter Technology Pulse TIG; provides minimized heat input and faster freezes weld puddle that gives perfect welding solutions even on thin materials with perfect bead appearance Ideal for welding of carbon steels, low-alloy steels, stainless steels and aluminum &alloys Able to [...]


Description Portable Inverter DC HF TIG with Pulse / MMA Welder New Generation IGBT Inverter Technology Ideal for welding of carbon steels, low-alloy steels and stainless steels and aluminum Digital Display Equipped with voltage protection and thermal protection Easy-to-use and user-friendly control panel Welding Mode (DC HF TIG / LIFT TIG/MMA), TIG / Pulse TIG [...]

Shape Cutting Equipment

ECONOCUT Heavy CNC flame and plasma cutting machines

Description A good choice for flame and plasma cutting. It is specially designed for metal plate cutting process. Strong gantry system ensures durability, stability and quick speed. CNC Controller gives easy operation interface, shape library and cutting parameters programs. Efficiency improvement and cutting quality functions, including Mirror, rotation, scale, repeat, etc. USB terminal is a [...]