• Careful design and excellent production quality thanks to the use of ultimate technologies.
  • The MEGA designing department has thought about every detail with care and we have built it with robustness and materials designed to extend its life.
  • Reinforced structure for intensive use in heavy work.
  • Greater width of tracks for greater stability.
  • The ergonomic handle allows handling from any position.
  • Larger wheels for better mobility and support on uneven pavements. Polyamide wheels that improve maneuverability, do not damage the floor, do not rust and are silent.
  • Easy access thanks to a very low chassis in 3ton models. (The lowest point is 95 mm).


  • LCS lowering control system
  • Safety Overload Valve
  • Operation by the “dead man’s” principle (the operation is halted if the user accidentally loses control)
  • Hydraulic stroke limitation

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