Two post hydraulic lifts

Features Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position. Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arms reach the floor. Synchronization cables grant the levelling of the two carriages. Each column features a maintenance-free lifting cylinder. Quality components with Laser cut carriages and arms - [...]

Electro-mechanical lifts for car

Features Automatic and permanent nut lubrication system to guarantee efficient lubrication during lifting and descent. Main nut made of bronze (no plastic) with high resistance to wear, for greater safety. Steel high resistance rolled screws, to provide long life. Specially manufactured motors fitted with overheating protection switch. Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking [...]

Scissor Lifts

Features Lifts with flat platforms Series 635 / 3500 kg - 640 / 4200 kg - Lifts with large size platforms and sturdy structure assuring maximum rigidity and working stability. Series 650 / 5000 kg - 660 / 6000 kg - Long platforms (5,5 m) ensure optimum lifting of light and medium commercial vehicles and [...]

Electro-hydraulic four posts lifts for car

Features The hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected. High-resistant, galvanized and pre-stretched metal cables. Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance-free bushes. Adjustable platform to accommodate different vehicle tracks and optimized access to vehicle underside. Automatic mechanical back-up safety devices (every 100 mm) with pneumatic release allowing stationary operation [...]