IPC Portotecnica

Portotecnica is part of IPC, one of the world’s leading groups supplying the professional cleaning sector with global integrated products and systems. IPC provides a complete range of professional equipment including scrubber driers, professional vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers and manual equipment.

New Elite

Elite cold water high pressure cleaners, comes in various models and voltages. The higher the flow rate the bigger the pump thus, the faster you clean your surface.


Combo is 3 phase cold water high pressure cleaners, with very high flow rate. They are mostly used in car washes for cleaning fleets of trucks and buses. guaranteeing maximum reliability.

Vacuum Cleaners

High performance machines produced and assembled in-house using innovative production systems. Able to guarantee maximum reliability, performance and durability.

High Pressure Washers

Portotecnica has 4 specific product lines ranging from hot to cold water, with electric, motor-driven
and wall-mounted models.