Two post hydraulic lifts

Features Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position. Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arms reach the floor. Synchronization cables grant the levelling of the two carriages. Each column features a maintenance-free lifting cylinder. Quality components with Laser cut carriages and arms - [...]

Electro-mechanical lifts for car

Features Automatic and permanent nut lubrication system to guarantee efficient lubrication during lifting and descent. Main nut made of bronze (no plastic) with high resistance to wear, for greater safety. Steel high resistance rolled screws, to provide long life. Specially manufactured motors fitted with overheating protection switch. Automatic arm locking during lifting and automatic unlocking [...]

Scissor Lifts

Features Lifts with flat platforms Series 635 / 3500 kg - 640 / 4200 kg - Lifts with large size platforms and sturdy structure assuring maximum rigidity and working stability. Series 650 / 5000 kg - 660 / 6000 kg - Long platforms (5,5 m) ensure optimum lifting of light and medium commercial vehicles and [...]

Electro-hydraulic four posts lifts for car

Features The hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected. High-resistant, galvanized and pre-stretched metal cables. Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance-free bushes. Adjustable platform to accommodate different vehicle tracks and optimized access to vehicle underside. Automatic mechanical back-up safety devices (every 100 mm) with pneumatic release allowing stationary operation [...]

Tyre Changers

Tire Changer LC 810 Bright

Specifications: Disk sizes when clamping from the inside 12 “” – 21” Disk sizes when clamping outside 10 “- 18” Maximum wheel diameter 960 mm Width of serviced wheels 3 “- 12″ Table rotation speed 6.5 rpm Air pressure 8 – 10 bar Borootzhima effort 2500 kg Operating voltage 220 – 380 v / 50 [...]

Bright GT890 semi-automatic tyre changer Swing Arm

Bright Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Description: This semi-automatic tyre changer with swing arm is a medium duty, air-electric tyre changer for car and light commercial wheels with 11” – 26” rim diameter and will assist with difficult tyres. This is a high-quality machine designed with garages and small tyre centers in mind. High quality mounting and [...]

Ravaglioli Semi-Automatic Swing Arm

Ravaglioli Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Heavy duty structure to guarantee proper working conditions at all times. Galvanized cylinder with double operation. Rigid self-centering chuck and wide clamping range. Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

Bright Fully-Automatic Tyre Changer LC885

Features Bright Fully-Automatic Tyre Changer LC885 Description The LC885 fully-automatic tyre changer is suitable for handling 10”-23” wheels. It can mount and demount tyres from passenger to LDV vehicles. It is especially suitable for wide tyres and can be equipped with an optional helper arm. Designed and Engineered in Europe Features Tilt back Suitable for [...]

Automatic Tyre Changers

Features Ravaglioli 10” -24” Chucking table with adjustable positioning of clamps (2 slots). The frame is large and reinforced, to grant the utmost rigidity to the structure and chucking table. The gear box is installed between two steel plates, to avoid flexion during operation. The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allow [...]

Wheel Balancers

Wheel Balancers CB67

Wheel Balancers CB67 Description CB67 inherits the streamlined appearance of CB68, measures the two value tire parameters automatically, switches “STD” and “ASL2” balance modes intelligently without any manual operation. Technical Information Rim diameter: 1″- 28″ inch Max wheel weight: 70 kg Max wheel diameter 1118 mm Rim width: 1,5″ – 20″ inch Precision: ±1g Motor [...]

Wheel Balancers CB910

Features Wheel Balancers CB910 Description The CB910 wheel balancer is an economy wheel balancer. Ideal for the small fitment center. It has a manual input of all data and can balance Aluminium and standard wheels. Technical Information Max Wheel Diameter: 1000mm Wheel Width: 20” Max Wheel Weight: 65kg Accuracy: 1g Rotation Speed: 200rpm Motor: 0.25kW [...]

Wheel Balancers CB75

Wheel Balancers CB75 Description The CB75 Balancer is equipped with a keyboard and LCD display with graphical display of functions and activities and Italian software with simple controls. The microprocessor performs all system functions. Technical Information Rim diameter: 10” – 28” inch Max wheel weight: 70 kg Max wheel width: 1188 mm Rim width: 1.5” [...]

Wheel Aligners

6-CCD sensor wheel alignment

6-CCD sensor wheel alignment Features The 6CCD wheel aligner is transformed with lowered sensors for both trucks and cars. Easily usable with all kind of vehicles. Before every diagnosis it is possible to choose the couple of front sensors to be used, with no need to pair them every time. Passenger vehicle clamps required. New [...]

8-CCD sensor wheel alignment

Features Infra-red transmission among measuring heads. Bluetooth transmission between front measuring heads and control unit. Maximum mobility between different working positions thanks to the absence of cables and any fix structure. Power supplied by long-life rechargeable batteries. Infra-red data transmission particularly good even in difficult lighting conditions. Spoiler program - The Spoiler Program is automatically activated to [...]

Dunlop Optical Alignment Gauge

Description The Dunlop Optical Alignment Gauge is accurate, quick and easy to use – this gauge requires no special skills to accurately check the alignment of any vehicle. Once set up, it takes literally minutes to conduct an alignment check – giving accurate and consistent results. Simple and accurate method of measuring toe and king [...]