Car Shampoo


Description A unique patented formula: Evoenzymes products added with enzymes to improve the quality of car cleaning. Compliant with VDA specifications: tested to reduce risks on delicate parts of the car. With surfactants also of vegetable origin to reduce the stress cracking of plastics and thus have brighter cars. NO added NTA/EDTA/PHOSPHORUS/SODIUM HYDROXIDE**. It facilitates [...]

Shampoo Color Eco Fuchsia

Description Product with an excellent price/quality ratio. The fuchsia foam adds a glossy, antistatic effect. Suitable to clean without using a sponge, it does not damage colors and paintwork. Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

De-greasing detergents

Superlava Teli

Description Touch-less concentrated degreaser. This is a cutting-edge product due to its intense detergent properties that can also be obtained even with extreme dilutions in case of hard water. It removes all kinds of dirt (grease, oil, smog, gnats, diesel oil, etc.) effortlessly and without attacking the treated surfaces. It is characterized by excellent degreasing [...]

Dashboard polishes

Profumauto Igienizzante Blue

Description This product is a deodorant for cars and home environments whose sharp and clear essence leads to a persistent feeling of freshness and cleanliness in your car. Thanks to its specific formula, it eliminates odours, reduces and prevents the emergence of disturbing smells or moulds. It is available in a new and fresh fragrance [...]

Deotex Pesca

Description It effectively and hygienically eliminates bad smells, such as the smell of smoke, animals, fried food, etc. from all fabrics and car interiors. It leaves no traces. 2 in 1 product: eliminates odors and perfumes. Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

Polish Plus Aroma

Description Concentrated and protective polish for plastic and leather interiors. Antistatic with UVA protection. Does not grease nor whiten, leaves the treated parts soft and nourished. Request a quote Name: Email Address: Phone Number Subject Your message

Leather cleaners

Lava Interni B

Description Special liquid for cleaning and removing the most stubborn dirt stains on textiles and interior details. Cleans exclusively due to chemical action, penetrating deeply into the dirt and leaving a pleasant scent on the treated surface. It is used both for manual cleaning and when cleaning with vacuum cleaners. Request a quote Name: Email [...]