Industrial High pressure washers are designed to deliver maximum performance and cover the widest possible range of applications in all areas of its use. Water Flow rates from 600 litres to 1300 litres/hour.

Hot Water High pressure cleaners are designed to give maximum performance for engine wash and very dirty surfaces. With a wide range of product the hot water, steam machine have been in this market segment for a number of years.

Nebulizer a new NO TOUCH method for all car wash bays without damaging paint. Taking less than 12 minutes to wash your vehicle and giving it a fine and polished finish on your customer vehicle.

cleaning Equipment

IPC Portotecnica

IPC provides a complete range of professional equipment including scrubber driers, professional vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers and manual equipment.


Fraber manufacture very high quality detergent that clean any dirty surface and the detergent cleans without scrubbing the dirt. The detergents are environment friendly.


Santoemma manufactures very unique cleaning equipment for both interior, exterior and sanitizing. The professional injection, extraction and forming systems make it suitable for cleaning seats, carpets, aeroplane, homes, offices, restrooms, kitchens and hospitals.