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About Us

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Amity Equipment Ltd is a market leader in garage and welding equipment in Kenya. For over 15 years we are famed for our specialty in high quality products from the world market that satisfy all requirements in the semi professional , professional and industrial sectors.

Our vision is to be the benchmark provider for garage and welding equipment in the East Africa region while providing high quality products and uncompromising service to our customers. Today, we are renowned for our strong, efficient and reliable services, incorporating over 20 brands which have been market leaders from world’s leading producers of professional machines and equipment.

With a vast range of prestigious products and certified quality standards, the products have acquired Excellent Safety Standards, while maintaining competitive prices. In addition, Amity Equipment has been awarded certificate of excellence at the Total Motor Shows for 5 consecutive years, in recognition for our excellence in service and quality.

We pride ourselves for receiving a silver award in recognition for our excellence in service and quality, at the just concluded Total Motor Show 2011 which was organized in conjunction with Kenya Motor Industry Association.

Committed to growing our network and increasing our market share, Amity Equipment has employed a team of professionals in all areas of operation to make sure that our clients receive only the best.